Future Mobile OS based on Linux

JingOS is a ‘convergent’ Linux-Based Open-Source OS for future tablets&laptops.

It offers a brand new way to merge mobile and desktop experiences.

It can run both Linux apps and Android apps.

It is adapted to run naturally with touch screen, stylus, keyboard, and trackpad.

Mobile & Desktop Experiences Merge Together

JingOS is not only a tablet OS, but also a desktop OS.

In tablet mode, you can watch movies, read books, and play games using the mobile apps in JingOS…

Switch to desktop mode for productivity by connecting a keyboard and a trackpad/mouse, and you can work on documents, do codings, etc…

Mobile First, Well Designed

JingOS is designed to be a mobile-first tablet OS.

It comes with a lot of beautifully designed icons and animation effects.

It is the most beautiful mobile Linux ever!

JingOS even supports multitouch gestures, which is very important for modern tablets.

JingOS Supports Linux Apps and Android Apps

We connect Linux and Android apps through technology, making JingOS a ‘convergent’ Linux OS.

You can use Linux desktop apps for productivity, and use Android apps for entertainment.

More and more apps are coming to our AppStore.

*Android apps native support only available for ARM-based devices

Support Trackpad Gestures and Keyboard

JingOS also optimizes the gestures for your trackpad too.

You can use trackpad gestures similar to the screen gestures.

This brings a consistent experience when you are using your device in laptop mode.

JingOS is Designed for Productivity too

Productivity is essential for future tablets.

With JingOS, you can get desktop-level experience with the web browser and WPS office.

Elegant Built-in Apps for Your Daily Driver

We have made several native mobile Linux apps for JingOS, including Calculator, Clock, Files, Media Player, Photos, and Recorder…

Safe,Fast,and Privacy

Based on Linux,JingOS is super fast,light and secure!